Significant Connections Essay Introduction: Do you like your reality? Are you enjoying yourself sitting here reading these words I have written? Do you wish you were somewhere else, somewhat else or someone else? If you do than you have something in common with four characters from the following four texts; The Great Gatsby by F. […]

  Aspect to CHARACTER: People prefer to live their life as someone else , an illusion, rather than the truth of themselves, their reality. Chosen Text How does this text show illusion? Where is the evidence for this? Explain how this displays illusion? Text 1 : The Great Gatsby The text shows illusion in that […]

Explain how the writer helps us to understand the children’s view(s) of Helen and/or Simon throughout the text. Support your answer with references to the techniques used. Why are the children interested in Helen and/or Simon How the other children respond to Helen and/or Simon What children are like (L) The writer first uses a […]