Activity one: The Plot Timeline            Add to the timeline by supplying a piece of evidence to support the event that is being described. The timeline is on a separate post. Activity Two: New Language. In the opening passage of chapter 1, students should identify words they do not understand. They […]

Souls Constructed & prosperity and ruin: Foreshadows that he will construct Frankenstein’s monster out of curiosity on how a soul can be constructed. Victor Frankenstein fate of this creation will be successful or result in destruction. Juxtaposition is used to draw similarity between these polar opposite terms, meaning that humans are bound to both success […]

  1. Contrasting qualities: -Thoughtless and mindful -Caring and barbaric 2. Foreshadowed by something negative: -Negative word connotations early on in the text. 4. Driven by passion or strong emotion rather than logic or reason: -Obsession with the eye -his guilt in the end 5. Generally secretive, has an air of mystery: -Gender remains hidden -We […]

#1 Contrasting qualities The protagonist of “The Telltale Heart” holds the first descriptor of a gothic protagonist, which is having distinct contrasting qualities to the character. This means that the character holds one trait or characteristic and holds another which is the complete opposite of that trait. The use of juxtaposition is used in the […]