Souls Constructed & prosperity and ruin: Foreshadows that he will construct Frankenstein’s monster out of curiosity on how a soul can be constructed. Victor Frankenstein fate of this creation will be successful or result in destruction. Juxtaposition is used to draw similarity between these polar opposite terms, meaning that humans are bound to both success or failure.

Avert the storm: When he looks back at his past, he realizes that this change in urgency to create Frankenstein’s monster, suggested that his guardian angel was warning him before the eventual foreshadowed storm comes to destroy his life. This guardian angel was an omen of the danger to come. The storm is an extended metaphor to represent the impending doom and destruction later experienced by Victor Frankenstein due to his creation of this monster.

Victory in her relinquish of studies: She succeeds in allowing Victor to give up on these studies he is so tortured to obsess with. If his studies are successful, evil is created but by disregarding this obsession, happiness could’ve been achieved. Personification is used to give his studies the ability to torment him and feed his obsession with the discovery of the physical basis of life.

Ineffectual: Though this guardian angel has strong efforts to bring about good in Victor’s future, this didn’t work, his destiny was too powerful and due to the silence of her commands, terrible things are awaiting and destruction is foreshadowed. Word connotations are used to foreshadow the negative occurrences in the future, these words include destruction, utter and ineffectual which can be connected to failure and disaster.

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