Shelley describes a psychological progression of events which perfectly coincides with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, correctly establishing each of the aspects which make up the hierarchy, as well as the decline if one is unable to attain each subsequent level. Victor is frightened by his creation and leaves the creature, and as a result the monster demonstrates the struggles of climbing this hierarchy of needs.

Activity: Explain where the monster is on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, describe situations that have caused him to go up or down the hierarchy.

The monster desires to meet physiological needs: “I felt tormented by hunger and thirst. This roused me from my nearly dormant state, and I ate some berries which I found hanging on the trees.”

The monster meets safety needs: “At length I perceived a small hut… finding the door open I entered… I was enchanted by the appearance of the hut: here the snow and rain could not penetrate”

The monster struggles to meet love and belonging needs: “I asked, it is true, for greater treasure than a little food or rest: I required kindness and sympathy.”

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  1. Hi Lucas, how awesome that you have found such a great point to cross over your subjects!

    You are absolutely right, Frankenstein’s monster adheres to this theory and you have illustrated it well.

    Well done 🙂


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