2nd July 2018

Sweeney Todd Film Study

Aspect Visual Techniques Verbal Techniques
Tone and Mood -Monochromatic colour palette: grey, white and black

-Tone: There is a supernatural tone to how Sweeney cuts hair, the only supernatural element in the film.

Sound effects of the sloppy pies squishing are unnerving.
Character – Lovett Submissive, powerless over Sweeney, high camera angle during her discussions with Sweeney. Tone: There is a cheerful tone to her singing as the darker and intense tone to the music plays.
Character -Pirelli
The Gothic Antagonist -Judge Turbin Makeup: Dark circles under his eyes showing a sinister and uninviting dark side to his character. Tone and Pace: Alan Rickman speaks with a particular
Character – Johanna Bird in the cage in Johanna’s room symbolises entrapment, the cage door being a similar shape to her window. There is a direct comparison between her and the blackbird, her observing the window whilst Antony observes her. Her voice is very high and chirpy like a bird exaggerating the symbolism.
Foreshadowing Dead flowers foreshadow a happier time for Sweeney but that this happiness and romance would slowly die.
Setting -High Key lighting in flashback, colourful and cheerful because it was a more positive and happy time for Sweeney, he was a happy man, though still dressed in dark colours (possible foreshadowing)

-Tracking/Point of view of a rat sequence to set up the unnerving and dark setting

Gothic architecture – foreboding, unnerving and daunting, supernatural and mysterious buildings in which gothic novels typically take place

Red lighting at the masquerade to signify danger or threat.

The apartment is discovered as abandoned, creaky floors, torn wallpaper, furniture covered, rotten, indicating that his old happy barber days were long dead.

The Gothic Protagonist -Distinct Contrasting Qualities
The Gothic Protagonist- Controlled by strong emotion rather than logic or reason (revenge) -Symbolism: Sweeney is fixated on his silver barber appliances, the colour silver symbolising mourning, repentance and destruction. Reflects the negative energy back at him.

-Close up: Angry facial expression, pale makeup, dark eye contour

-Pace and tone: Sweeney has an angry and sinister tone of his voice, he has a fast pace with his singing.
The Gothic Protagonist- Has a need to know
The Gothic Protagonist- Has an air of mystery -Low Key lighting: There are billowing dark clouds establishes gloomy mood, Sweeney’s face is only half lighted up or in view and Antony’s face is in full view, showing the air of mystery and anonymity in his character. Later when he obtains his barber knife we can now see his whole face, revealing the mystery surrounding him as he feels more complete. -Music: Cheerful when Antony sings whilst it is angry, abrupt and fast when Sweeney sings. Sorrowful instrumental. Whilst Sweeney pauses as he sees Lovett’s building, the music slows down and intensifies indicating that he has past experiences revolved around this building and he came for a reason.



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